"There isn’t enough space on this website to say all the great things I could say about Joseph! I was a music major in college and not only is Joseph the best piano teacher I have ever had, he is the best TEACHER I have ever had in all my years of schooling. His teaching is a perfect mix of instruction, discipline and fun. His deep connection to music and his authentic enthusiasm for the process are infectious and make my learning process enjoyable in a way I have never experienced. Not only is he a wonderful teacher, he is a wonderful person, so not only will you like the process, you will like him!!!"    - Annie

"Who happens to be the coolest piano teacher on the planet?  Joseph Itaya is his name.  Joseph is awesome and strict at the same time.   He is also creative and fun.  If you want to play any pop song, just tell Joseph what it is and he will write the notes for you.  Joseph is the most incredible teacher in the entire world.  I have been Joseph’s piano student for approximately two years." - Anna
"Joseph Itaya is a quintessential pianist, having studied with a devoted and exacting teacher from early childhood.  However, Joseph’s accomplishments as a pianist are not what make him the truly gifted teacher that he is.  Joseph loves people.  He enjoys engaging with them and mining the motives and passions that draw them to music.  I started with Joseph when I was 65 years old, pretty old to begin an instrument that I knew nothing about.  We did not start with technique and theory because I told him that I wanted to play music right away.  The trick was to find something that I would be drawn to and be eager enough to put in the struggle it would take to play it.  The first year was often frustrating but never so overwhelming that I wanted to give up.  Joseph was always willing to listen and was willing to let something go if he knew I was not enjoying the struggle.  This is not to say that he did not push and encourage effort and the discomfort of stumbling, but he knew that the way to keep me moving and eager and passionate was to find my level of ability and fine-tune it to the point that it was a challenge but possible to accomplish.  I love classical music and Joseph would take very difficult music, dark with chords and too many notes, and he would re-arrange it to a level I could struggle with but, with effort, could eventually play.  Joseph loves teaching piano and that is what makes him the special teacher that he is."   - Elsa

"Joseph is the most amazing piano teacher in the universe!  He is fun, nice, energetic, hip, happening, and cool. I could never have asked for a better one. I am so very privileged that I get to see him every Wednesday. His piano skills are magnificent! If you are having a bad day a piano lesson with him is all you need to cheer you up!" - Olivia