Recording Artist Development Program

- Weekly performance and feedback from class

- Artist Essence statements 

- Song arrangements with Music Director

- Vocal recording sessions

- Full Protools and Logic production 

- Photoshoot and album cover art

- Sessions with studio musicians

- Songwriting Workshops

- Guest Lectures from music industry professionals

- Launch on Soundcloud and/or iTunes


Business & Entrepreneurship Program

This program addresses 3 fundamental needs, long neglected by our educational system

- How children transition into adulthood wth a practical understanding of personal finance. Checking accounts, compounding interest, home loans, and beyond.

- Understanding and examining the spectrum of business that are available for collegiate and professional work. From art studios to hedge funds.

- A hands-on understanding of how to start, grow, and sustain a business: ideation, branding, business plan, profit/loss, fundraising, and marketing.

With the core belief that dreams need a strong foundation in business principles in order to be sustainable, we will examine what makes businesses flourish or fail.

We host guest speakers from a myriad of industries, inviting them to share their career paths, discuss successes and failures, and give insight to the business plans of our students.

Each student engages in a long-term personal entrepreneurship project, developing a full business plan and supplementary marketing/branding/fundraising materials.


Filmmaking Program

Applying theory and execution, this class is an immersive filmmaking program, with practical application in the business of Hollywood. Each student writes, directs, and produces their own narrative or documentary film. Our students have matriculated to the film schools at NYU, USC, LMU, and Chapman.

- Screenwriting

- Directing

- Editing

- Cinematography

- Producing

- Distribution

- Guest lectures from industry professionals